Top 5 Fandoms


From books to movies to bands and everything in between, there is a fandom for everything. But which fandoms are taking the top spots among fans?

5. Dr. Who

With over 5 million Facebook fans, Dr. Who has become one of the most well-known British TV shows out there. The show has gained increased popularity worldwide, and it’s continued production has increased the fandom and looks to continue that process. Hopefully they can all fit in the Tardis.

4. Lord of the Rings

Like many of the fandoms listed, Lord of the Rings began as a book series and then graced the silver screen, winning 17 Oscars in the process. Although the films marked the end of the fandom growth, there was a light at the end because of The Hobbit films crossing into the world of LOTR. All of this because of one ring. Who knew?

3. Harry Potter

7 Books, 8 Movies ad a Theme Park later, you would think Harry Potter would be the king off fandoms. However, with the book series and movies having been completed, the lack of new content has kept the fandom from growing rapidly. However, the fans can still look forward to the latest content being released from Rowling via Pottermore, the Fantastic Beasts film, the new play, and Hogwarts coming to California. Is the Harry Potter fandom still alive? Always.

2. Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games film franchise currently has over 22 million Facebook fans, and the fandom has already created a large fan base for the actress Jennifer Lawrence as well. With 3 books and 4 movies, with one film not released until November 2015, the fandom lives strong in anticipation for what is to come.

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV shows currently. Although it’s Facebook followers are below The Hunger Games (14 million), GoT makes up for it with the original books having sold over 15 million copies worldwide and translated into 40 different languages. The TV show has also had great success winning Emmy’s and having 10.3 million viewers per episode. Also, that season 5 finale has roped everyone from casual viewers, hard core fans, and media outlets  into creating theories and investing even more time into the show.

Special Extra: Star Wars and Star Trek

I would personally like to add Star Wars to this list because, while the fandom is standing strong, the force is strong with the new films bring in new fans to the dark side. I know, lots of terrible puns, but the fandom can experience a great deal of growth with these new adaptations, thus making it possible to move onto the top 5 list in the future.

Star Trek also has an incredibly strong fandom that continues to live on and prosper. Since the reboot of films started to retell the story, new fans can bask in it’s glory. Also, many of the series and movies is now available on Netflix, making the original fans very happy.

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Die-hard Trekkie here, but I don’t much like the new movies (although I do like Zachary Quinto). I need to catch up on 1 & 2 – The Hunger Games has been the wrong age for our family so far, and I’m still holding out for Game of Thrones to come to Hulu or Netflix! Wish my kids would read Harry Potter more, but at least we can all like Dr Who (fan since the 1970s 🙂 )

I tried Dr. Who, but I couldn’t really get into it. Is there a certain place that I should start at? I’m totally on board with 2-4. I was surprised that HP wasn’t higher up the list, but your reasoning makes total sense. I haven’t watch Game of Thrones because I think it will be too violent for me, but I’ve heard great things.

I took a fandom class in college. It was strange but fun! This has been a great throwback 😀

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