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Meet Moon Girl


Marvel has added a new superhero to the lineup: a super genius, part alien, preteen girl.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a reimagining of a 1978 shortly-lived comic focusing on a T-Rex and a “caveman-like friend” known as Moon Boy. The new version however focuses on a preteen girl named Lunella Lafayette who has a great mind and “unpredictable alien DNA”. She teams up with the T-Rex in New York City.

Marvel could see it lacked characters that could relate to a younger audience and could appeal to all ages. Moon Girl is there a solution to this, aiming for a “Pixar-like tone”. She also adds new diversity into the industry, which the artist Natacha Bustos is very excited to be apart of, as she told EW.

Amy Reeder is the writer, and has described the Lunella to be like “Inspector Gadget but knows what she is doing”.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur will be out this fall.