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Superfight Game Review


If you are a fan of the game Cards Against Humanity, you will definitely enjoy this game.

The game consists of this: character cards and attribute cards. These cards are used to create your fighter, and you will fight the other player’s fighters until a judge decides who would win. Pretty simple.

Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


Before I get into rules, I have to mention that I play by house rules, so not the rules that come with the game. These rule work better for myself, so I’ll share them in case you like them too.

One player is a judge. The other players draw 3 character (white) cards and 3 attribute (black) cards. Each player will choose one character and one attribute from their hand to be their fighter. Everyone will reveal their fighter one at a time. After reveal, each player will draw a random attribute card from the deck to their fighter. This gets interesting because their are both good and bad attributes, which can help or hurt your fighter.

Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


Now, players must argue for their character, there is no anonymity in this game like CAH. This is when the game gets interesting, because people will debate their character until the bitter end, which makes the game so fun. After the argument portion, the judge will decide who they think would win the fight. The game will continue like that, with the judge switching to the left each round, until you wish to finish.

Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


Another great feature is having blank cards, meaning you can make your own cards. It is a great personal touch to add to the game. The starter box has three of each type, and the ones I made are below.

Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


This game is super fun and really easy to get into, which is nice for an easy game to pull out with gamers and non-gamers alike. The game also has themed expansion packs which enhances the game, including a nerdy themed one, scenarios, and locations. I hope to review the expansions in the future.

Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


Image Source: Michelle Anneliese

The game also includes expansions and special decks, like the Loot Crate exclusive deck (seen on the left). You can read my review of expansions here.


You can buy the game online at Amazon or via Skybound (who also makes The Walking Dead comic).


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