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If Harry Potter Characters Were Superheroes


The other day while I was on vacation, Harry Potter was on so I started watching the Order of the Phoenix. I had the epiphany that during the Ministry fight scenes, it reminded me of various superhero fighting sequences. That led to me identifying which wizard or witch is what hero or villain in the Marvel/ DC universe, which led to this post.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment

Voldemort is CLEARLY the Joker. They are both ruthless, and I bet Joker would make horcruxes if he could.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment

Snape is totally Batman. They are both dark, brooding over the losses they’ve experienced, and seemingly fight for good, although under their own prerogatives.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment

Bellatrix is Harley Quinn, because they both follow the evil overlords with a strange form of love. They are also both kinda crazy.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment

Book smarts and street smarts is what pairs Hermione and Felicity. They follow their heroes and provide great help in areas involving intelligence.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ Marvel

Groups that fight ultimate evil, the Avengers and the Order of the Phoenix are a match.

Image Source: Warner Bros./ DC Entertainment

And the group of villains together. However, suicide squad does not do evil deeds exactly when working as a team, but the idea of bad guys coming together is where these two become pairs.

What other Harry Potter/ Super matches would you make?

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Harry Potter (and all the other characters) are technically superheroes/villains already, which is why these books/movies were so unique to the readers and moviegoers. As you already pointed out with this post: Voldemort and his minions (the Death Eaters) wanted to take over the world. Harry Potter, his friends, The Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore’s Army all wanted to defend the world by fighting this great evil. If that isn’t a good definition of superheroes, then I don’t know what is…

All these characters are wizards yes, but Doctor Strange also uses magic to save the world (along with the characters from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) and he is considered to be a superhero by many. So why couldn’t Harry and co be considered as such? Doesn’t make sense

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