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What To Watch: Interrogation


Interrogation is a scifi webseries set in a dystopian universe that is very socially conscious. Not only was it created by a woman, it also stars mostly women, has disabled people playing disabled characters, and values diversity in front of the camera as well as behind.

Britain Valenti is the creator, executive producer, and plays Breyson in the series. She wanted Interrogation to be a socially conscious series, where women could “drink and curse and enjoy sex” freely. She took stereotypically male characters and made them female. At first, the characters seem overwhelming because of the change, but it is refreshing, probably because the male characters are not devalued like women traditionally are. It just proves the point that women can be equally strong as men.

Although the episodes themselves are brief, the story threads itself together. In a dystopian future, where the government has taken totalitarian control, a rebel group is fighting against the government in order to reclaim the safety of their people and the end a deadly war. In this place, no one should be underestimated, not even for ability. Some of the characters in the series have disabilities, and so do their actors. It plays into the story, and proves that anyone can be strong.

The show is certainly not censored, and although YouTube doesn’t come with a rating system, I definitely would say it’s on the PG-13 edge of the spectrum. You can watch the whole first season here. You can also follow the show on Facebook.

Help fund season 2! It can get expensive to put on any show, especially one as diverse as this. Help them out and give to their crowd funding campaign.

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