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My Top 5 Scenes from Harry Potter Books That Should Be In The Movies


This is certainly not a new topic at all, heck even Buzzfeed has done it. But as an avid Harry Potter fan, we spend much of our time discussing what could have or should have been with the movies. Now, while some stuff can slide, other stuff seemed crazy to cut from the final films. So here are my top 5 scenes from the books that should have been in the movies. Spoilers ahead.

5. S.P.E.W

House elves overall were pretty ignored. All we saw was Dobby and Kreacher, but there was so many more, including Winky. And Hermione’s devoted efforts to free and care for the elves via S.P.E.W was such a key piece of her character, it would have been nice to see.

4. Marauders Story

So we see and hear the phrase above in the movie, but who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are is never ever explained. If you are observant (or read the books) you would know who they are, but others, no idea. It wouldn’t have been hard at all for it to be explained, just need Remus Lupin or Sirius explain it. And it would have been a nice moment to see the Marauder’s becoming that, because it shows how close their friendship really was.

SPOILERS: In case you don’t know, Moony was Lupin, Wormtail was, Padfoot was Sirius, and Prongs was James Potter. Because Lupin was a werewolf, his friends became Animagi in order to make him feel better. It shows a good quality of James, because James was shown to be kind of an asshole in the films to be honest.

3. Elder Wand

I think one of my biggest issues with the films is what they did with the Elder Wand. Although it would kind of make sense to have the wand destroyed, the book solution is way more sentimental and symbolic. The wand really did belong to Dumbledore, so it (SPOILERS) should have been returned to his tomb.

2. Neville The Almost Chosen One (Spoilers)

In case you did not know, Neville and Harry were born on the same day. And because the prophecy only states that a boy born on that day would be Voldemort’s foe, Neville could have easily been our hero. But because Voldemort went after Harry, he actually chose his own enemy. Wouldn’t that have been awesome to know in the movies?!

1.Voldemort Origins

From the movie perspective, we are just supposed to accept Voldemort as the bad guy and move on, but he actually has a fascinating origin story of why he is actually heartless and evil. It also better helps explain why he didn’t succeed in killing baby Harry. Not knowing the history of a character is kind of a shame, especially of a character as crucial as Voldemort. His history is also vital in explaining why the horcruxes are what they are and why they are hidden in places.

SPOILERS: In case you did not know, Voldemort was born under the effect of a love potion as a half blood. Because it was under a potion, he was born without true love and was completely unable to love at all. His mother, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin (look more connection to evil) died after his birth, so he was orphaned.  Because his father abandoned him and his mother, he hated him. Voldemort’s greatest fear is death, which is why he created his horcruxes to help spare him from his fear. In order to make a horcrux, which splits your soul and puts it into an object, he had to murder people, which is a heartless act. One murder includes his own father, taking revenge for his mother, which can be further seen because the horcrux created by that murder is his mother’s father’s ring. This is just a snippet of Voldemort’s backstory, which is actually very interesting and important.

Also, this scene shouldn’t exists, as seen by the explanation above.

Voldemort has no love, so he shouldn’t hug!

What scenes do you think should have been in the movie? Let me know below!

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Oh I could not agree more with every one of these. In fact, I don’t think I even realized half of these weren’t in the movies, since at this point, i’ve read the book so many times. I actually just read the Tales of Beedle the Bard and they talk about the elder wand and the tale of the three brothers. I just love it so much. Great input on what could have been!

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