Sushi Go Game Review

Sushi Go is a pick and pass card game, where you have to strategize the best way to get the most points, but if the other players figure out your strategy, they can block you and prevent you from winning.

The game contains 108 cards, instructions, and the tin it comes in. That’s it, not a million little pieces that are easy to lose. Out of the 108 cards, there are 12 different types with different ways to gain points and other purposes.


Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


The bottom of the cards explain what the cards do. For example, chopsticks can be played, so in a later round, you can play 2 cards to replace the chopsticks. Also, wasabi will multiply the points for a nigiri card. And for some cards, the more of that card you have the better (ie Dumplings).


Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


The amount of cards a player has depends on the number of players, for my example I will use 2 players. Each player draws 10 cards and the rest of the cards stay face down in a deck. A round lasts until all cards in hand are played, and 3 rounds are played in total. You choose from your hand the card you want to best fit your strategy, and all players reveal the card face up in front of them. Players will pass their hand to the left, and you will pull from this new hand of cards. The round keeps going until all cards in hand are played. Once all cards are played, they are scored.

A new round begins after the previous played cards are all discarded (except for Puddings). After three rounds, all points are totaled and the player with the most points wins. Puddings are only scored at the very end of the game, so you may think you’re winning until your opponent beats you with the most puddings.


Image Source: Michelle Anneliese


This game is super easy to play and quick to pick up. The hardest part is strategizing how you’re going to get points, which is all up to your preferences. I suggest maki rolls and puddings to be the most helpful.

sushi go review.png

I got my game at Target, but I definitely suggest checking a local game store first and supporting them!

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