Secret Santa Gift Exchange

So I am in a blogging group for geek blogs officially known as Geek Girls x Bloggers and we had a Secret Santa gift exchange!


I received my gift thankfully right before leaving for the holidays, and actually kind of forgot the exchange was happening (ugh finals), so was totally confused when I got it.


I have to start with the Superfight deck, because it’s not just any Superfight deck. It’s the limited edition Loot Crate deck, which only Loot Crate subscribers could get easily. I am not a Loot Crater, so I actually gasped and squee’d when I saw this, because I really like tabletop games and have Superfight (read my review of the game), so it’s a perfect addition to it.


I also got a golden snitch but the inside opens up, so it’s like a locket! I open at the close never got so real. My Santa also got me giant chocolate bars, which you can never go wrong with when it comes to me, a die hard chocolate lover.


Big thanks to Anna from Nerdy Alerty for the great gifts! Go over and check out her blog. Also, I gave a gift to Brittany over at XO Geek so go give her some love too. And Happy Holidays!

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