Secret Santa Gift Exchange

So I am in a blogging group for geek blogs officially known as Geek Girls x Bloggers and we had a Secret Santa gift exchange!


I received my gift thankfully right before leaving for the holidays, and actually kind of forgot the exchange was happening (ugh finals), so was totally confused when I got it.


I have to start with the Superfight deck, because it’s not just any Superfight deck. It’s the limited edition Loot Crate deck, which only Loot Crate subscribers could get easily. I am not a Loot Crater, so I actually gasped and squee’d when I saw this, because I really like tabletop games and have Superfight (read my review of the game), so it’s a perfect addition to it.


I also got a golden snitch but the inside opens up, so it’s like a locket! I open at the close never got so real. My Santa also got me giant chocolate bars, which you can never go wrong with when it comes to me, a die hard chocolate lover.


Big thanks to Anna from Nerdy Alerty for the great gifts! Go over and check out her blog. Also, I gave a gift to Brittany over at XO Geek so go give her some love too. And Happy Holidays!


17 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gift Exchange

  1. What. WHAT. WHAT!!
    What even is this? There is a literal geek girls FB blogging group? Double-you, tea, actual, eff. I’m getting in on this, like now.

    (Also that’s an awesome gift and I’m super jelly.)


  2. How awesome is the golden snitch locket!?! So glad you joined in on the gift exchange ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. That is so cool…. so many great things from your secret santa… I love the blogger world, there are so many fascinating people you come across!


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