What To Watch: Life is Strange

So I am that person who watches other people play video games, and never play them myself. Yeah, it’s strange, but life is strange (heh get it?). Anyway, one of my recent games I watched through is Life is Strange, a game that focuses on a teenager who can control time and must save her classmates and friends from death and destruction.


Max Caulfield is a high school student at Blackwell Academy, a private school in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. She realizes she has the power to rewind time when she sees a her best friend, Chloe, get shot. Her power gets more use while Blackwell becomes a place of drugs, death, and mystery, and a storm starts to brew over Arcadia Bay.


The reason I enjoyed watching the game is because the story is actually pretty complex and has unexpected twists and turns. The graphics of the Pacific Northwest are beautiful, and the soundtrack is good. It’s also interesting to watch how time travel can aid Max, or hurt her greatly.


The relationships in the game are compelling, whether it’s with long time best friend Chloe, Warren the forever friend zoned guy, or the Vortex Club. It’s all a mystery, and just when you think you figured out who the killer is, you get a surprise.

Certainly, you can play the game yourself and get the experience of figuring it all out. I’m not a video gamer, so just watch the play through. I watched PewDiePie’s, because he is relatively quiet so it’s easier to hear the dialogue, and all 5 episodes are up already so you don’t have to wait forever to see it.

What is your favorite video game to watch or play? Leave me a comment letting me know!