Deadpool Review

I am going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but shall warn you anyway.

I saw Deadpool last night, and I really did not know all that much about it going in. I was expecting very brash humor and a little vulgarity, based on all of the marketing, but wow, I did not expect what I got.


To be honest, I wasn’t expect that much depth in it (remember, I have no background knowledge of Deadpool). So I was genuinely surprised with the actual story. The fact the movie can go to the darkest of places without it being completely ridiculous with the humor made it a much better film. Doing that also gave so much character development for Ryan Reynolds’ character since the humor comes from a dark place.


The film would break the fourth wall so much, it broke the fourth wall within a fourth wall break. And it make fun of itself and other Marvel franchises, which takes a lot of wit to pull off, which I appreciate.


So without spoiling everything, I really enjoyed Deadpool, coming from the perspective of someone who had no knowledge coming in except for how the film was marketed. It was very funny, Ryan Reynolds did a surprisingly good job being the vigilante, the writing was well done, I could go on and on. Also, Stan Lee’s cameo is the funniest one yet.

Are you going to see Deadpool? Let me know with a comment.

16 thoughts on “Deadpool Review

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    • Knowing Marvel, we’re going to get sequels. Especially because it was so successful. So since that’s the case, I didn’t feel like it was missing a whole lot. And since I knew very little going in, it was nice to get all the backstory in the first

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  2. I loved Deadpool. I went on Feb 14 :p Bahahaha. I enjoyed every single bit of it 😉 I already knew the character, so I was worried I would get a diluted version of him on the big screen, and yet I was delighted because: it’s Deadpool!!!


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