Childhood TV Shows That Still Hold Up

I never really watch TV today, but maybe that is because I miss the TV of my childhood because a lot of it was so much better than what is out there today. These are the shows that still hold up today.

Hey Arnold was the show of my childhood. Even my mom liked it, which says something. It had the moral lessons needed but not in annoyingly obvious ways (You can put a piano on the roof), and had enough random humor to entertain a 6 year old. Plus, we all grew into an Arnold or Helga, am I right?

You start watching for the magic, you stay for the sarcastic talking cat. Or at least I do. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was witty, funny, and entertaining. Plus talking cats that are sarcastic sell it for me.

In the best era of Disney Channel, Kim Possible was queen. The concept of crime fighting, cheerleading, high school girl did not get old and is still a good show. The writing is actually really well done. Also the Kimunnicator sound is my ringtone, so I’m a fan.

For all the explanations to life (except taxes) Clarissa was out girl. Witty, sarcastic writing and everyday situations to deal with made it relateable and entertaining. Also, her wardrobe was fascinating and she had a pet alligator.

Daria will always be my number one favorite show, and was probably a show I shouldn’t have really been watching as a child, since it’s humor and references were beyond me at the time. But now, as a twenty-something, it makes so much more sense and now I know why I am so bloody sarcastic. Seriously, give Daria a watch. She was also one of my featured Underrated characters.

What was your favorite childhood TV show? Shout it out in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Childhood TV Shows That Still Hold Up

  1. I love Daria! I have been watching so much of it since they added it to Hulu. Growing up, I was also a huge fan of As Told By Ginger, to this day it is the most acurate animated show about adolescence for me, lol. Great post!


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