5 Fandom Friday: Fandom Guilty Pleasures


I usually never do the 5 Fandom Friday prompts, because of scheduling posts and me being a forgetful person in general. But I really liked the theme for yesterday, so I’m just going to do it spontaneously on a Saturday cause why not? The theme is Fandom Guilty Pleasures, but I am going to focus on general geeky guilty pleasures as of late.


I am Hamiltrash, and really this isn’t a guilty pleasure because I am very loud and proud of my Hamilton love, but I am including it because I am still obsessed. You can say I am Helpless. Hehe get it? If not, go listen to Hamilton.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter in California

It opened this week and it looks amazing and perfect, and I will be there in 2 weeks! I will drink a Butter Beer for you, my reader. Expect a post on it after my trip as well.

Update: Read the post-trip post here!

Twitch Streams

So I never watch TV or Netflix, I only watch YouTube. But then, one of the gaming YouTubers I watch posted he was live streaming on Twitch, so I said sure I’ll watch, and I am now obsessed. I still primarily watch YouTube, but I really enjoy Twitch streaming and streamers. I wrote a whole post about Twitch, and if you are ever looking for streamers to watch here are some suggestions:

Ohmwrecker is a more chill streamer, focuses more on having a good time than being super mega awesome winner. Also the community is super positive and welcoming, which is nice. He is also on YouTube, so you can find him there also.

Gassy Mexican is the bigger broadcaster of the three, so the chat can get a little crazy and fast, but Max focuses on having good hype and making streams entertaining, so it is still enjoyable to watch. He is also on YouTube as well.

PhantomACE_ is pretty new to streaming, only been doing it for a year, but the streams are enjoyable nonetheless. He also just applied to become partnered, so you can help him out by following his channel and watch some streams. He also does drumming streams, so he is not just a gamer which is definitely different.

Update: PhantomACE_ is partnered now! He still does drum streams and gaming content.

Geeky Clothing

So in one weekend I bought a Syndicate Original sweater and a Jordandene tank top. No regrets, and I am obsessed with both. Jordandene has a bunch of cool, and subtly geeky apparel. Syndicate Original is the clothing line started by YouTube gamer and streamer Tom Cassell, also known as Synidcate.


The Nintendo app popped up all over Twitter, with many of my fellow geeky bloggers using it, so I decided to add it. It’s actually surprisingly fun and a good way to spend time when waiting for a meeting or just chilling at home.

What are your guilty pleasure/ obsessions recently? Leave a comment letting me know!

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I am with you on the geeky clothing, especially hoodies. At this point I think I have enough geeky hoodies to wear a different one each day for a few weeks before I would have to repeat. Although I still end up wearing my favorite almost every day until it finally dies and I pick a new favorite lol

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