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Misconceptions of Slytherins


So, I’ve covered Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, so it’s only fair to go on to Slytherin now.

All Slytherins Are Evil

Despite having the most evil wizard of all being a resident, not every Slytherin is inherently evil. They are cunning and ambitious, so they are perceived as evil because they are resourceful and will get what they want. Their intentions can be cloudy, but it’s not always evil

Slytherins Are All About Themselves

Another trait for the Slytherin house is Fraternity, or Brotherhood. They have a tight bond among their own. You may

All Slytherins are in the Dark Arts

Although many,many of the families attached to the Slytherin house are also associated with performing dark magic, there are exceptions. For example, Horace Slughorn was a Slytherin and he followed potions and became the Potion’s Master briefly. No house is required to be closely attached to any form of magic, and Slytherin is always the one we attached to one style or another.

What are your thoughts on Slytherin house? Let me know with a comment.

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I think slytherins have manipulative way to get what they want.. They can shrewd.. Can have very good business intelligence.. Cold n manipulative way of getting things done.. They can be little selfish.. N being selfish doesn’t mean being cruel or evil… Harry had some slytherin traits in him.. Without he couldn’t have manipulated Slughorn’s to give the memory or Tom Riddle couldn’t have manipulated the entire school and not getting caught

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