Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

It’s been one whole year of A Geek Girl’s Guide! Let’s take a look at this last year, shall we?

71fad-11333678_797636070332742_142882706_n Nerd vs. Geek was the very first post, back when this blog was known as Geek Chic, not A Geek Girl’s Guide. What better way to start things off than by clarifying what a geek actually is.


The first What to Watch post of the series was on Titansgrave, the Geek and Sundry series created by Wil Wheaton. From what I have seen, a season two is on the horizon.

Hagrid edit

Hagrid was my first character for my Underrated series, and is still one of my favorite characters of that series.


I started Reviews by a Noob forthe things I get to see or do that I have little previous knowledge about. This started with seeing the Deadpool movie when it released.

desktop wallpaper 1024 x 768 px ravenclaw

My Misconceptions series began when I wrote about my own house, Ravenclaw, and the assumptions made around us. This proceeded on to cover all the Hogwarts houses, and have more coming in the future.


Tabletop games will always be one of my more prominent topics, because it’s one of my favorite activities to do. From reviews to how-tos, there are many posts to read about tabletop gaming. 


I tried to hold in my Hamilton obsession, and trust me it was HARD. I will never be satisfied with the amount of Hamilton I get, I just can’t say no to this. My love is non-stop, just like these references.


Ilvermorny sorting quiz reawakened a bunch of post ideas in me, and also kicked off Potter Month which officially ends today.

And with that, a year is done. But you know what they say, “I open at the close”.

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