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What to Watch: Twitch pt. 2


I wrote a post awhile back about watching Twitch and using it as a way to be a game viewer. Now it has become one of my main forms of entertainment, especially for gaming content. But, when you are new-ish to Twitch, it’s kind of hard to find streamers to watch. I have the answers to that.

How I chose these people was largely based on what games they play, if it is a variety of games and not just one game. I also looked at how large their following is. I’m not a fan of the giant 25,000 viewer streams, so my range with this group is anywhere between 20 viewers and 5,000 or so per stream. This fluctuates obviously, where some of these streams had 12,000 viewers because of the game.

BikeMan is a variety streamer who I began watching because of Dead by Daylight. He doesn’t get very salty and keeps it enjoyable to watch.

Admiral_Bahroo is another streamer I found through Dead by Daylight (I’m a little obsessed with DBD right now). At the time of writing this, he has been playing it non-stop. He mainly streams solo, which is a nice change from a lot of streamers who always team up with others to play.

Silent Sentry I have found to be a great watch for explaining how games work and different strategies. He is also really chill, so no super salt here either. He is a variety streamer as well, so expect a variety of games.

Bennyfits is a puppet. No, I’m not joking, he is a puppet that plays video games. Also, when you follow, he says “You are no a friend with Bennyfits (benefits)”.Obviously very different from other stream, which is always entertaining.


Another tip, find streams based on games you like watching. That is how I found quite a few of these streamers and it is a great way to find new channels as well.

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