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Ingress vs. Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go has taken over the world, gotten everyone out of their houses and hunting monsters, and become a cultural phenomenon. Ingress, the first mobile game created by Niantic, definitely didn’t have the same effect, but has a loyal following around the globe. When put toe-to-toe, which one wins?

Pokemon is for everyone, Ingress is not

Pokemon Go is definitely a game that is loved by many and an easy game to play and understand from the start. Ingress is definitely more complicated to play and grasp from the start. The system itself and objectives are more difficult than they are in Pokemon Go. Certainly, not everyone is willing to play a complex mobile game, thus Ingress is not for everyone.

Pokemon is more public, Ingress is more private

Because Pokemon Go is so global and well-known, it’s pretty much expected that if you are walking around starring at your phone, you are playing Pokemon Go. Ingress, being a secret agent vibe of a game, you definitely play it more privately and try to stay subtle. Ingress is a personal experience, not a public one.

Pokemon is more passive, Ingress is more active

I feel like, with Pokemon Go, I can leave the app along for a long time and suffer no loss or damage. Ingress is the opposite, where you need to maintain connection and power over the various locations your team has taken over. You won’t lose any Pokemon by not opening PoGo for a week, but you can bet your resonators will be destroyed and your team will lose control of most areas in as little as 24 hours.

Overall, I wouldn’t say one game is better than the other. The mechanics are the same, jut the objective and intentions of the game differ. Both are enjoyable and get you outside and exploring, so why not play both?

Which one has your attention? Let me know with a comment!


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While I hadn’t heard of Ingress prior to Pokemon GO, I don’t think it’s for me. Honestly, what I like least about Pokemon GO is holding gyms and locations and such, and if it’s a huge part of Ingress, I don’t think I’d enjoy that. I like the collecting aspect of Pokemon GO, and walking around to find Pokemon!

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