What to Watch: Tabletop

Recently, Geek and Sundry started it’s fourth season of the Wil Wheaton produced Tabletop, where well-known geeks come together to play a variety of board games. It is both entertaining and educational for those who love board games and those who are new.

I feel like the best way to introduce you all to Tabletop is to pick some of my favorite episodes to share and give the best introduction to the show. Let’s let Wheaton do the talking, shall we.

Dead of Winter

Love Letter and Coup

Epic Spell Wars

Stone Age


Ticket to Ride

Champions of Midgard

There are soooooo many more episodes of Tabletop, so here is a playlist I’ve made of most (but not even all!) of them!

7 thoughts on “What to Watch: Tabletop

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  2. Hi Michelle, I am also a fan of Wil and his Youtube series about board game. It is always interesting to watch his video.


  3. I could really use an emoji right now showing astonished excitement, or something like that. I am in so much trouble…how will I ever do the things I NEED to do with this new source of distraction?


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