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Underrated: Merida


Let’s talk about Merida, the true first familial love story by Disney

I’m just going to share this greatly unpopular opinion: I loathe Frozen. Maybe because it was waaaaaaaaaay overdone and profited from, but probably because it is adored by many for the sibling love it focuses on, making it “new”. Well, Merida in Brave was actually first. But Brave is often dismissed because it’s Pixar (which is owned by Disney, so it’s still Disney). Pixar arguably makes better and more culturally aware films (Inside Out for example) so I find Brave the real first Disney film to not focus on true love, but on family love.

Okay, end of rant. Merida as a character is also very underrated. She is a smart and strong princess with a wild side, which we don’t often see from Disney royalty. She is also royal by birth, not royal by marriage. And even though marriage is a plot device, it’s quickly evident that marriage is not going to happen. Merida competes for her own freedom from marriage and to have her own choice.

Also, Brave focuses on the relationship between mom and daughter, which we NEVER see in Disney since mother’s are usually dead. Imagine how wonderful it is for a mom to take her daughter to see Brave and it’s about mother/daughter relationships! I’d rather watch that then yet another Prince Charming.

Not only is Merida just a kick ass kind of princess, she also tells the story of the difficulty but importance and special relationship we have with our mothers.

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