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Favorite Classic Board Games


If you’ve been on my blog before, you know that I have a deep love and enjoyment of board games of all kinds. I’ve been playing board games for the majority of my life, so I’ve played quite a few of the games that can be considered classics, enough to where I have clear preferences. I’ve found my top 7 classic board games that I’d play again and recommend.

7. Monopoly

It’s been a looooong time since I have played Monopoly, but I have to respect the amount of strategy that goes into the game. And Monopoly is one of those games that everyone knows.

6. Dominoes

So Dominoes is a family favorite game for my father’s side of the family, so out of respect for the family that got me to play games, I have to include on this list.

5. Yahtzee/Scrabble

So I tied these two as equals, even though they are completely different games because they have similar stories as to why they are on this list. Yahtzee was a game that my maternal grandmother loved to play, in fact she got very excited and would scream Yahtzee as loud as possible. Scrabble was a game that I would play with my paternal grandmother when I was younger. Good memories of those games.

4. The Game of Life

Life has become a more popular game with my family in recent years, particularly when we started digging for games in our house to play. It’s a lighter and funnier game to play, especially when you somehow have seven kids in one game.

3. Uno

I’ve easily played Uno a million times, maybe even more. It’s probably the easiest game to play on this list as well. We literally have 5 boxes of this game in a drawer. I’ve played this game with a large portion of extended family, so it certainly transcends generations too.

2. Scattegories

Scattegories, if you’re not familiar with it, is a type of trivia/ word game where you’re given a list of categories  and a single letter, and all answers for the list must start with the single letter. It’s also timed, so little more pressure. This is another game that my family has played for decades. It’s fun to see how much better you get at the game the more your learn about anything really.

1. Clue

The number one game is definitely Clue. It’s one of the more strategic games out of the classics, and has become iconic game in many homes including my own.

What classic games are your favorites? Let me know with a comment.

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