Funko Wishlist Wizarding World

Funko Wishlist: Wizarding World Edition


So I have fallen into the pit that is Funko Pops, even more than I was before. I now have a list on Amazon called Funkos! that is just a list of what I want. And a lot of those are from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Easily 75% are Harry and his friends, but this list is the top Pops I want.

Hedwig is one of my favorite parts of Harry Potter. I bawled at the end of her story line, like way more than any other character. So this Hot Topic exclusive definitely went way up on my list when I found it.

Yes, I still don’t have Yule Ball Hermione. It’s a travesty, really. I did see someone take one of these and paint her dress periwinkle blue to be book accurate, so now I want two of these so I can paint one for the book!

Goblet of Fire is my favorite book in the series, and I love the golden egg concept and how it was done in the film, so Harry with the egg is a fun one to add.

Despite being the quintessential shiny-object lover, the Niffler is so adorable and a larger part of the Fantastic Beasts story. There are multiple versions of him, but I don’t have a very specific preference overall.

Not only do they have a regular Demiguise, but they have him when he is invisible. An invisible Funko pop! Also having the beasts from Fantastic Beasts is a cool collection, is it not?

There are multiple Newts, but I am really keen on this Hot Topic exclusive where he has his little friend Picket. Picket is my favorite, much like how Hedwig is my favorite creature from Harry Potter.

Who are you wanting to get in Funko form from the Wizarding World? Let me know in the comments!

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I’ve recently fallen back in love with the Wizarding World. I told myself I was done with Funkos, but if I come across Mcgonagall I’m promptly buying her and building a shrine. I’d also love that Newt funko and I’m a little sad I didn’t buy him when I was working there!

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