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Video Game Wishlist


If you are anything like me, you have never ending wishlists for different things you enjoy. For me, I have tabletop game lists, Funko lists, and an ever growing video game list. My Steam wishlist will never be lower than my actual library at this point. Now this list is not my entire Steam list, cause good lord that would be a looooong post, but these are some of my stand out games to get.


Sumer, developed by Studio Wumpus, is a digital board game which takes the strategic planning of worker placement games with the platforming skills of your favorite video games. If you saw my Armello review, you know I enjoy these digital board games. You play as a noble of the ziggurat to win over the favor of the almighty goddess Inanna. It has single player, online multiplayer (to come), and local multiplayer. The game is currently in early access, meaning it is not completely finished and may be changed further. The game is currently priced around $15, and the devs intend to raise the price on full release.

The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale, co-developed by Tequila Works and Cavalier Game Studios., is the Groundhog’s Day of murder mystery games. You play as elderly priest Lafcadio Boone, as he attends a masquerade at a large mansion, where all the guests seem to be meeting their untimely end. You must spy, sneak, and save the other guests, and you will continuously relive the day over and over till you do so. The game does not release until April 12th on Steam, so we will have to wait, but I love a good mystery to solve. The PS4 version will be released on April 11th, and is available for pre-order now. Pre-orders receive exclusive content as well.


Oxenfree is developed by Night School Studio, and is a supernatural thriller where your choices make the difference in outcomes. The game was released about a year ago and has been received very positively. Story games by indie developers are some of my favorite games, thus why I actively avoided watching any gameplay for this game. And over the summer of 2016 they had a huge content update, meaning this game has more content than first release. It is currently $20 on Steam.

Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters, by Kitfox Games, is a co-operative personality test where you and your group must strive to become legends, and every action and choice determines how you will be remembered. You have 5 days to prevent war, and see what your renown will be. With multiple characters to play, conflicts to resolve, and narratives to follow, there sure is plenty of playability in this game.It is currently priced for $15 on Steam.

Gone Home

From The Fullbright Company, Gone Home takes you back to summer of 1995, where you come home from a year abroad to find your family gone. You must explore your family home to unravel the mystery. I first found this game from this review from Prima Geek. The game is a shorter one, so easily finished in one sitting. It is currently $20 on Steam, and available on console too.


Yes, I missed the huge Firewatch trend because I didn’t have any time to be a really dedicated gamer. If you don’t know, this Campo Santo developed game is a single player first-person mystery where you play as a park ranger and your only contact is the voice on the other end of the radio. It’s an atmospheric adventure game, where your choices drive the story. I have seen the whole game played, but I would still like to play myself, and it has been over a year since release. The game is currently $20 on Steam.

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If you liked Life is Strange, you will love Remember Me, made by the same dev. Wonderful atmosphere, intriguing plot, likable female protagonist, and a fun combat system.

If you haven’t played Life is Strange, you’re missing out. Play Life is Strange. First episode is even hella free on Steam.

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