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Underrated: Remus Lupin


In a long line of ever-changing Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, Lupin stands to be the best, despite his condition. His presence is so significant and powerful, but often not recognized or acknowledged anymore.

For starters, Lupin actually teaches some pretty useful stuff, especially in terms of what happens in the actual books. Boggarts happen beyond Prisoner of Azkaban in the books, so the spell Riddikulus is more than a comedic moment like it is in the movies. And you felt the respect from most of the students because he was genuinely a good teacher.

And let’s not forget this HUGE piece of the Potterverse: Expecto Patronum. It’s personally my favorite spell, and Lupin helped teach Harry to become one of the strongest DADA wizards. Expecto Patronum is probably the most important spell Harry learns, and it is thanks to Lupin.

Lupin also has a strong sense of family and love in people, whether it is Sirius or Harry or Tonks or anyone else, love leads him to his decisions. He also has a sense of peace to him, probably because of his inability to control that once he transforms.

I won’t spoil what happens to Lupin, but I truly think he deserves so much more acknowledgment and praise for what he has done for Harry and the whole fight against the Dark Lord. He was clearly the best DADA professor ever, but also a crucial piece of Harry’s story and who he can become.

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