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Wizarding World Crate Unboxing and Review



After seeing some unboxings of the first Wizarding World Crate, I decided to check it out and get the March box, which is Hogwarts House Pride. I’m a Ravenclaw, so my stuff is Ravenclaw products, but all of the house items are the same, just house specific. Let’s say “Alohomora!” and open this box.

First impressions, you have to ooh and aah at the Sorting Hat art on the lid. The first thing that is seen is a shirt, and a shirt comes in every box from what I understand. This shirt is not house specific, but has the Hogwarts crest. It’s a raglan tee, so longer sleeves than just a t-shirt. It is a Loot Crate exclusive shirt.

The next item is a house specific beanie! Thus, mine is a Ravenclaw one. I was super hoping it was a scarf at first, but a beanie is cool too. It is definitely made to be worn in very cold weather, but I live in California so let’s hope a cool day comes so I can break out the beanie.

The next item was a surprise, which was this Ravenclaw duffle bag. It’s pretty small, but I can imagine the Quidditch players carrying this bag to practice. Plus, I’m traveling soon so I can use this small bag during those trips.

As for the rest of the items, there is a Platform 9 3/4 lanyard with a Hogwarts charm on it and a Sorting Hat pin. I’m probably going to put my car keys on this lanyard, even though my car is named Lilo.

My overall review:

All in all I am please with the what I got. I wish it was much more house specific than it is, like a house shirt rather than the general shirt. Also, this box arrived a bit later than it says and I expected, but they are apparently still working out the kinks of shipping and such. Also, this box feels very expensive for what you get, because it is sold on the idea of exclusivity. So if you’re someone who is a die-hard Potterhead and loves having exclusive stuff, than this box is great for you.

The Wizarding World Crate is a bi-monthly crate (every 2 months) so the next one will be in May. It’s about $33 a crate.

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