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My Funko Collection


I write a lot about the Funkos I want, but never really showed off the ones I have. Today is changing that! This is my Funko Collection. 

My first Funko was Hermione since she is one of my top favorite Harry Potter characters. Following her, I got Hagrid, another favorite. And of course, Harry joined the group.

Mulan, Mushu, and Crickey are three of my favorites because Mulan is my all-time favorite Disney movie ever in the universe and because they were a Christmas present and I didn’t know they even existed. I was actually in shock and awe over them.

Katniss was a later addition because Hunger Games is one of my favorite series to date. I have yet to get Peeta or other Katniss’ though.


One of my most prized Pop’s is this Alexander Hamilton. He is a custom pop I got for Christmas, and I designed him a custom box skin so he looks extra official. This pretty much sparked long nights on Etsy wishing for more custom figures of favorite characters.

I also have two of the mystery minis for Harry Potter, and I found it funny that they are both animal sidekicks. I got Hedwig, which made me happy cause I love Hedwig. I also got Fang, Hagrid’s dog, so now he get’s his trust pooch too.

What are your favorite funkos? Share with a comment below.

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