June GBU Theme Week Is…

Geek Blogs Unite is a geek blogger community to share posts, collaborate, and come together with linkups and themed events to make the geeky blogging community closer. There may be a million blogging groups, but there seems to be few for us geeky ones, so I wanted to make one! I’m super excited to announce the first theme week! Drum roll, please….

… Ready Player One!

ready player one

This theme is all about gaming! Whether you love your console games or prefer the old fashioned tabletop, or are a PC master, this theme is ready for you.


 photo blog-banner-w500.png

Image may contain: text


At the end of the week, you can find a summary of all shared posts from GBU members here at A Geek Girl’s Guide!

If you’re interested in participating in this and future theme weeks, head over to Geek Blogs Unite and join! Make sure you use the castle image above in your post and link back to the group.


2 thoughts on “June GBU Theme Week Is…

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