Currently: Where did I go?!

Ah, how nice it is to be back to the blog. So comfy. But much like Carmen Sandiego, where have I been?

The basic answer is work, the complex answer is around the USA from Oregon to Texas to Ohio to Indiana and much more in between. I work for a performing arts organization that competes during the summer months around the USA, so I spent my summer touring with them. It was amazing and definitely a lot of work, thus why I couldn’t write like I would usually. But now I am back in the sweet comforts of my California home, so back to this blog I go.

As an update on my geekier side, here is what I am currently up to!


Watching? Still mostly Twitch and YouTube, but Hulu now has all seasons of Bob’s Burgers up so I am making my way through season 6 to catch up.

Reading? Does Twitter count? I’ve been on Twitter a lot more recently. I do have a TBR that I need to make my way through soon.

Listening? Music wise Halsey’s latest album hopeless fountain kingdom is still on repeat, as well as Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby. I also “watch” YouTube videos like podcasts while working so that’s listening.


Making? Blog posts now. And homework projects now that school is back in session.

Feeling? Generally happy. Could always use a nap though.

Planning? For the blog mostly. Excited to get back to some of my favorite prompts as well as some new ones!

Loving? That I am home, although I do miss the shows and the members and my fellow staff.

And now we return to regularly scheduled blogging!

What have you been up to you? Let me know with a comment!