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Antihero Review


Antihero is a turn-based strategy video game developed by Tim Conkling and published by Versus Evil. You are neither a good guy or bad guy, you are simply an anti-hero. You run a thieves guild in the Victorian era and must compete against other thieves for territory control of the city. 

The game has 3 options: a small story campaign, online multiplayer, and skirmishes with AI or local multiplayer. I started the game off with the campaign, which has a tutorial function built into it. I also played the campaign on easy to get through the game and learn how to play before jumping into the harder game play.

The campaign is very short in terms of what you know a campaign to be like. It has 11 scenes that you play, with the first few acting like tutorial more than free play. The story follows the Master Thief Lightfinger as he builds his guild while competition comes into town. You play against different opposition in a variety of scenarios, from robbing boats in the wharf to stealing heirlooms from the wealthy during a masquerade. Although short, it’s a nice way to start playing the game in order to learn mechanics and strategies to take into skirmishes and online multiplayer.

You will have to kill off opponent gangs, burglar buildings and send your urchins to occupy it, and place thugs to protect your property. Different scenarios have different win conditions so you’ll have to upgrade yourself differently each scenario to be able to accomplish your victory conditions.

As I said before, I played the game on easy instead of normal or hard. If you have any experience playing a turn-based game you don’t need to play on easy because it was almost ridiculously too easy. So when I went in to play against AI, I set it to normal, which required more strategy without being overwhelming.

Overall I find the game amusing and definitely a good strategy turn-based. I don’t find it incredibly replayable because there are only so many scenarios and so many ways to win a scenario. The only replayability comes from playing online against others who you don’t know their styles or strategies. I don’t think this is a game you will want to put serious hours into, but it’s a fun casual game to play.

One perk of this game is it is available on mobile devices as well as on Steam, so if you are a gamer through your phone you can easily pick up this game and play it too. The game also has DLC, so you can play as different Master Thieves in multiplayer. One DLC is well-known Victorian book characters, like Ebenezer Scrooge or Alice.

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