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Spooky Stories for Halloween


Sometimes you don’t want to watch a jumpscare fueled film with very little plot and too much gore. When that moment comes, scary stories are great for getting your spooky on with much more intrigue and imagination. This post has some of my favorite spooky stories, and even some for scary movie lovers too.

The Raven Graphic Novel is great if you want to read the classic Poe stories in a whole new way. I actually found this book as a bargain from Barnes and Noble a little while back and it has great art to match the eery stories of Poe.

Maybe you want to keep it completely classic. Frankenstein is one of my personal favorites when it comes to classic monster books. Pick up this gothic pick for a classic story.

With the popularity of the film adaptation this year, IT is actually a very complex story that is very twisted. So if you say the film and want to know what happens next, read the full story.

Maybe you don’t want scary, but very eery and creepy. Coraline is definitely that story. Nothing makes your skin crawl as much as a woman who wants to replace your eyes with buttons in order to love you. It’s an amazing story with a better ending than you think, but will definitely give you the creeps. It also has a movie adaptation, which is just as creepy, even as an adult it makes me cringe.


What are your favorite spooky stories? Share with a comment below!

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