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How To Halloween At Disneyland


I, like many, love a good Disneyland trip. One of the most interesting trips I have taken was on Halloween. Doing Disney on a holiday is a totally different experience, so here is how I did my Disney trip on Halloween.

To Party or Not to Party

Most people who choose to do Halloween at Disneyland will choose to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party, which is a separate event from an everyday ticket. You get exclusive access to Disneyland for the party, with a parade and fireworks special for the event, trick or treating booths, villain meet and greets, and of course the park. But you can still do a fun trip to Disney without the party, and I would actually choose to not do the party if you want a full trip to Disney, with both parks. Most of this post is based on not doing the party event, but if you are adamant about doing the party, then some of this will work for you too.

2 Days, Both Parks, Don’t Park Hop

When I did my Disney trip for Halloween, it was also for my friend’s birthday which is the 30th. Because of this, we did 2 days, one park per day and did not park hop. because we did this and did not do Mickey’s Halloween Party, we did Disneyland on the 30th and CA Adventure the 31st, which was one of the best decisions. Why? Because CA Adventure feels empty on Halloween because everyone is at Disneyland. And, CA Adventure doesn’t close early like Disneyland will for Mickey’s Halloween Party. And Disneyland doesn’t close early on the 30th, so you get a full day at Disneyland and a full day at CA Adventure.


First things first, you must ride the Holiday Haunted Mansion first and you will have to be at the park when it opens to do so. Otherwise, you risk an upwards of 2+ hour wait. Also, get that Space Mountain fast pass ASAP so you can ride the Ghost Galaxy version. These are my two must-rides for Halloween because they are the special Halloween editions. And now that CA Adventure has spookified for Halloween, the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride is also Halloween-ified. And all of Cars Land is spooky too.

Look for the Tricks and Treats

Although only a few rides go full Halloween, there are tricks and treats everywhere. Of course, there are the actual treats in the food. But also fun corners full of Halloween, like the Dias de los Muertos exhibits. And the characters in Halloween costumes make for special photo opportunities.

Dress Up

What’s special during Halloween is that adults can dress up too! During Halloween Time, you can dress up in costume as well. The parks have specific guidelines for costumes, but you still have the chance to dress up as your favorite characters.

Have you spent Halloween at the Happiest Place on Earth? What were your favorite things to do? Share with a comment!




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