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Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 3


Halloween is just around the corner, so if you need a costume idea still, here are some quick and geeky suggestions for you.


Tina Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)

Tina is a particularly easy costume. A Blue shirt, blue skirt, glasses, and converse shoes and you’re good to go.

Mrs. Peacock (Clue)

If you want more creative license with your costume, Mrs. Peacock (or any Clue character) is great. They are just based on colors, and add one of the potential weapons as an accessory and you’re good to go.

Minnie Mouse (Disney)

If you have some red polka-dots, yellow shoes, and a way to make mouse ears, Minnie is an easy to put together outfit.

Kim Possible (Kim Possible)

The 2000’s heroine has always been an easy to-do costume. Black sweater and cargo pants with combat boots and gloves. Bonus points if you change your phone’s ringtone to the Kimmunicator sound.

Inside Out Emotions

Need a group costume? The emotions from Inside Out are easily done based on clothing you probably already own. Sadness and Joy are probably the easiest of the five.

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