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My Favorite Costumes I’ve Worn


I have worn many, many costumes in my life thus far, mainly because I was a dancer for 12+ years. So I was reminiscing on some of the best costumes I have worn, and decided to put a post together about it. 


When my dance studio did Peter Pan, I got the role of Captain Hook’s Parrot. First, it was a great role because I got to be evil instead of a happy smiley good person. Also, I had a giant tail (unfortunately not pictured) as well as wings. I was covered in feathers and it was pretty awesome.


So this costume is more for the story and event, and less because it is a maid costume bought from Walmart. My family used to turn our backyard into a walk-through haunted house. So trick or treaters would walk through our spooky setup to get candy. We’d scare teenagers all night. This one year we had the theme of a burned down hotel, and the staff didn’t make it out so we all haunted the hotel. So I was a burn victim maid for Halloween, and it was the best year.




My last dance recital ever was Alice in Wonderland, and I played the Rose. I was covered in rose petals and rhinestones and I’d wear this costume again if I had a reason.

Zombie Snow White

This is the one costume I don’t have a good photo of and it’s a shame because it’s probably my favorite on the list. Backstory: Snow White is my LEAST favorite Disney character ever. So I was not thrilled to be cast as her in another dance recital. The show was a variety of Disney pieces and other pieces, and my piece was myself and the Evil Queen, specifically poisoning me with the apple. We decided that is where it would end, me dropping from eating the apple. This same show, we did Thriller by Michael Jackson. So, since I really, really don’t like Snow White, I bought a second costume and trashed it to be an undead Snow White dancing to Thriller. Everyone got a good laugh out of it especially me.

What have been your favorite costumes you’ve worn? Let me know in the comments below!

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