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Games That I Played As A Kid


I used to say that I as not a kid that grew up on games and was not a gamer until very recently. But looking back, I remembered some particular games that I was very fond of in childhood. So I guess I was more of a gamer after all, just maybe not of the games that were common.

ClueFinders was a series of educational games for elementary aged kids. I am pretty sure I played every game in the series as a kid, from the Jungle 3rd Grade above to the Math Adventures in the mountains. It was a series of games I played over and over, and would probably play again as an adult for the nostalgia.

A lot of the games I played as a kid were actually my brother’s games, especially the educational ones. One of my favorites was the Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Another game I played multiple times. It was my favorite in a series of games, although where in the USA was also a fun game.

This probably the only game on this list that is more popular. We owned an N64 for a short period of time, and I have faint memories of playing Mario Kart against my brother as kids. We didn’t keep the N64 but I do remember those times.

The PC Harry Potter games were unfortunately ended at Goblet of Fire, but in the end the Sorcerer’s Stone game was my favorite and was the one I came closest to completing. I got all the way to Fluffy before one of my parents uninstalled the game (cue heartbreak). This game was certainly one of the more straight forward ones and was definitely based on the books. I mean, Peeves is in the photo! Also it was fun to immerse yourself in the Harry Potter universe and cast spells and feel like a wizard. Although the graphics were really bad, I still loved this game.

What were your favorite games as a kid? Share with a comment!

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