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Holiday Sales Haul


So I caught the sales bug back when Asmodee started their holiday sale and I have actively had to stop myself from getting more stuff. Board games were my big purchases (big shocker right? Haha) but Steam and Jordandene did get some of my purchases. Check out my haul from 4 different sales!



Histrio is a game where you play as a traveling theater troupe trying to win over the king’s favor based on his changing mood. You will recruit actors, acrobats, and try to complete tasks from the court.

Continental Expres

In Continental Express, you have to switch train cars to complete your train for departure. But the other players want the same cars as you, so who will finish their trains?


Imagine being a wizard but not knowing what spells you can cast. That is what happens in Abracada…what? Only your opponents can see what spells you can cast, so you’re going to have to guess the right spells to win big.


Ever wanted to be a Renaissance painter? In Fresco, you will send your apprentices to accomplish different tasks in order to complete the fresco and impress the bishop into victory.


12 Days

12 Days is a Christmas themed card game where you try and win one of the 12 days of Christmas. In order to win the day, youhave to use the present cards, but there are only so many of each card. While there are 5 golden rings, there is also only one partridge in a pear tree.


As caretakers for the tree spirits called the Kodama, you have to keep their forest home lush and growing. Through the seasons you have to mix the right flowers, bugs, and tree branch arrangements to make the Kodama happy.



Speedrunners is a multiplayer running game where you have to jump, slide, grapple, and take out your opponents. The competition can be played online or locally as you race your way to the winners circle.

The Sexy Brutale

A game I have had my eye on for awhile, The Sexy Brutale is the never-ending masquerade filled with murder, and you have to solve it before the next guest goes down.

Agatha Christie- The ABC Murders

Based on the Queen of Crimes novel, The ABC Murders follows Hercule Poirot as he must solve the case of a serial killer. I have played a couple Christie games in the past so I decided to get this one and try my hand at detective work.


Uberstax Game Piece Holders

These awesome holders will hold your game pieces for you while playing your games. They come with 6 pieces per holder, so you can make them larger or smaller depending on the game. No more hand cramps from too many cards for this girl.

Council of Verona

In this game, you use your influence to create a council with the members of the Capulets and Montagues. Based on the characters agendas, you plan your influence accordingly to either exile characters or use them to your advantage.


Based in feudal Japan, Honshu is a trick-taking, map-building card game. You will manipulate player order to maximize scoring opportunities as you increase your map to win.


Expecto Patronum Phone Case

The one shirt I really, really wish that I didn’t miss out on from Jordandene is the Expecto Patronum shirt. So once she started making Samsung phone cases, I took the sales weekend to jump on that so I could have the design in some way.

Mystery Shirt

I usually pick shirts based on the quote or the fandom, but I decided to surprise myself a little bit with a mystery shirt. So we will all get to see the surprise when I get it!

Get any good deals this sale season? Let me know with a comment.