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Geeky Holiday Movies


One of the very few times I actually watch movies, particularly at home, is the holidays. And although there are hundreds of Christmas movies, the geeky the better. So here are some of the geekier holiday movies you can watch this season. 

Muppet Christmas Carol

This is my favorite Christmas movie of all, mainly because it’s a classic story with the Muppet whimsy and humor. Also, I am basically Rizzo, who just wants to eat all of the food. I quote this movie year-round, so I obviously enjoy a lot.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The greatest debate of our time: is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie? Really, why not both. Just enjoy the movie as you please. Cause let’s be real, this is a good movie no matter when you watch it.


I know, plot twist, right? If you want your Christmas a little more spooky and 80’s filled, Gremlins is that surprise film for you. It’s based around the holidays, and specifically Christmas eve. So if you believe Die Hard is a holiday movie, watch Gremlins too.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Whether you want the classic cartoon or the more modern live action, you can’t miss the Grinch. I am partial to Jim Carrey’s antics and quotable moments of the live action. So pick your favorite and hit play.

What holiday movies are on your must-watch this season? Share in the comments below.

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