How To Subtley Geekify Your Holidays

We all love our geeky sides, but sometimes we don’t need it to be in your face as much as just a subtle ode to our favorite fandoms. So if you’re the kind of geeky who wants to add a little bit of geeky into the holidays, then here are some suggestions for keeping it subtle but fitting for your favorite things. 


Gingerbread “House”

From the Death Star to the Tardis, so many of our favorite fandoms can be portrayed in gingerbread form! It just takes a little creativity and time, and you can have your own model Hogwarts Castle in your kitchen.


got wreath.jpg

Wreath by Monica at Popcorner Reviews 



Decorations, whether inside or outside, are a great way to show off your nerd side! Geeky ornaments on your tree or an overall theme can fill your home with festive, geeky cheer.

wookie cookie.jpg

Sweets and Treats

Food is such a big part of the holidays, especially sweets and other treats like cookies. Instead of your basic Christmas cookies, you can make them geeky like these Wookie Gingerbread Cookies!

How do you like to geek-ify your holidays? Let me know in the comments below!

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