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Looking Forward to 2018


It’s the new year! And with a new year, comes new exciting things to come and to look forward to. So I am taking a look at my year to come to get excited about some great things happening.

SXSW Gaming

I’ll be going to SXSW, and will get to spend a day at the SXSW Gaming Expo! Since the only other gaming related event, I have been to is TwitchCon, I am definitely looking forward to what Texas has in store.

Kickstarter Games

I have some games that I funded in 2017 that I am expecting to get in early 2018! Not like I need any more games on my shelf, but I am excited to see this games come to life.

New Releases

There are some new releases coming up that I am interested in, for various reasons. I am really looking forward to the second Fantastic Beasts film since the first one was very good in my opinion. I am also interested to see how some other things turn out, even though my hopes aren’t the highest *cough Tomb Raider movie cough*

More Blogging!

I really really want to keep this blog as consistent as possible, and I am excited to make new content for you all! Already have ideas flowing so it’s going to be a good blogging year.

What are you excited for in 2018? Share with a comment!

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Happy new Year to you. I have the same problem/awesomeness with regards Kickstarters. I backed quite a few last year, and some of them to quite high levels. I think my cupboard isn’t big enough…

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