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My Geeky Bucket List


We all have some things that we want to do in our lives, geeky or not. As I was thinking of things I wanted to do on the non-geeky end, I figured it make up a fun and geeky bucket list. So here are some things I want to do in my life that are extra geeky! 

Dapper Day

Dapper Day is an event held at various Disney parks where attendees get extra stylish and dressed up and go to the parks. Many do some fancy Disney Bounds, and I would love to just get dressed up with some Disney flair and head to the park.
Comic Con

I have gone to a couple of conference/conventions, but never a classic Comic Con type event. I don’t necessarily want to go to SDCC, but a smaller and more local Con would be fun.
Make a Board Game

I love board games so much, that it would be really fun and interesting to me to challenge myself into creating a board game. I have some ideas brewing, but have yet to dive into the process. But it is on my bucket list.
Walt Disney World

Living in California makes going to Disneyland pretty easy, but I have never, ever been to the east coast land of Disney magic. I specifically want to see the unique parks and attractions like Epcot and Animal Kingdom. This bucket list item should become a reality in 2019 when I graduate from my master’s and will have to fly to Florida for graduation.
Warner Bros. Studio Tour: Making of Harry Potter

My normal bucket list for the longest time has included traveling to London, so the geekier side of that is definitely the Harry Potter Tour that Warner Bros. made. Since Harry Potter is easily my biggest fandom, this would be a magical experience for me.
Board Game Con

There are numerous board game-specific events, like Gen Con in Indianapolis or Origins or the Dice Tower cruise. I’d love to attend one of these, as I am much more into board games than other gaming. Someday I will get to attend!

Update: I have done a board game con! I went to PAX Unplugged in 2018.

What geeky things do you have on your bucket list? Share them with a comment below.


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