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Unstable Unicorns Review


If you are a follower of my Instagram, then you have seen me post about this game often. When I found it on Kickstarter for the first time, I knew I had to have it. And not only has it been one of the better Kickstarters I have backed, but the game is also really fun.

The basics of the game are you are trying to grow your stable of unicorns. Depending on the number of players will depend on how many unicorns you need to win. Along with being able to play unicorns to your stable, you can play magic to cause a little mayhem, upgrades to your stable to get you closer to victory, and downgrades to prevent your opponents from winning.

This game is best played with at least three players, which makes me a little sad as I am a mostly two-player game person. There is a two-player version, which involves removing quite a few cards in order to play. So when I first played a two-player game, we just played by the normal rules. And it plays fine, but definitely fast.

The art is adorable and is definitely the biggest selling factor when I backed the Kickstarter. And there are so many different unicorns! It’s pretty impressive that one person did this whole game, so points for that.

What is also nice is that there are quite a few expansions that already exist. Of course, backing the Kickstarter is an easy way to get them all, but even I am surprised that there are 4 expansions already. Expansions include NSFW, Apocolypse, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Dragons.

Overall, this game is really fun to play with all levels of gamers, has great art, and great replay value. It is definitely my favorite game from Kickstarter so far, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Have you gotten a game from Kickstarter? Let me know what you got or if you would.

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