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Throne of Lies Review


Throne of Lies is a game that I actually backed on Kickstarter, and was the first thing I have ever backed. I enjoy the social deduction style games like Werewolf and Town of Salem, and this felt like a fresh revival of that genre.

The basic mechanics of the game are you are given a role upon entering with certain skills and abilities. You act on a side, either Blue Dragon (the good side), Cult/ Unseen (the bad side), and neutral roles. There are day and night phases. Night phases are where you use abilities, and also deaths will occur. Daytime is where deliberation and trials occur. In the end, only one side can win.

The art is pretty great, especially since they wen the 3D route so it is certainly a standout from its competitor. The characters are very thought out and definitely fit the medieval era theme that this game goes for.

When I first started playing, I was having the most difficult time connecting to the tutorial or into a public game. So that was already frustrating. And because this is a new game to me and having to try to learn the roles and perform them was difficult to do in public games because there was just a level of confusion I couldn’t surpass.



Once I started getting into games and working things out, it got a little bit better. But after all the games I played, I am not all that impressed with the game as a whole. I have played Town of Salem a lot, and still prefer that game over Throne of Lies when I want to play a social deduction multiplayer. The terrible connection issues plus the learning curve are too mountainous for me as a casual player. It isn’t different enough to other games for me to want to switch over.


The game is very new and can definitely make a lot of great changes to better this game above its competition. If you know you will enjoy a social deception game and really want a medieval themed one, then get this game and see for yourself. But if you have never tried a social deception game, I’d go Town of Salem instead.

Update as of 5/2/2018: The devs for Throne of Lies made a lot of nice improvements with the UI and dashboard making it smoother to use which is great. They have also done some balancing tweaks to the gameplay, so they are definitely taking care of their game which is awesome.

Do you enjoy social deception games? Let me know in the comments below!