Sandiego Inc. Review

Did you ever play the old Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego? games? I remember playing them when I was a kid and how difficult they were for me and my lack of international knowledge at the time. So as I was scrolling through Google Play and Sandiego Inc was recommended, so my nostalgia decided I had to try it.

Screenshot_20180220-113316.png Screenshot_20180220-113638.png

As the original games, you are given a mission where you need to identify the suspect and the location they are in. You go around different places within your location and learn facts about where the suspect went and who they are. But you only have a certain amount of time to make an arrest, so you can’t make mistakes.


This game is very straightforward and easy to jump in and start playing. It still has some challenge to it like the original, which is nice especially for a mobile game which I personally don’t find mobile games challenging. Full disclosure I have had to search some stuff so I don’t mess up the mission. It’s a nice time passer and you don’t get stuck waiting for time to refuel something so you can keep going.

If you like the Carmen Sandiego games, you’ll enjoy the bit of nostalgia from Sandiego Inc. It’s also free so go give it a try for yourself.

Have a favorite mobile game you like to play? Let me know what it is in the comments below.

7 thoughts on “Sandiego Inc. Review

  1. I remember playing those Carmen SanDiego games in elementary school on those old Apple computers in the early 90’s. You never got anything if you caputred Carmen SanDiego. I always thought it was a bid odd. Then again the games were suppose to be educational.


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