Fictional Five

Five Fictional Worlds I’d Love To Visit


I decided to jump into the Fictional Five prompts that the Geeky Tourist is starting to do, and the first prompt is sharing what fice fictional worlds that we’d like to visit.

The Magical World of Harry Potter

I would be absolutely out of my mind if I didn’t include the wizarding world on this list. Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts, you name it I want to go to it.

The Sims 4

This is more of a confession that I have been playing a lot of The Sims 4 recently, mostly of the pets expansions but also some vampire stuff.


I mention Armello a lot, but who wouldn’t want to live in cute animal Game of Thrones? Plus it’s beautiful and magical.

The House in Clue

Basically, I want to visit the world of a board game, which is probably the nerdiest thing I could choose.

The Capitol in The Hunger Games

I like a good dystopian novel, and since The Capitol is so very eccentric it would be fascinating to visit.

What fictional worlds would you want to visit? Let me know with a comment.