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Sunshine Blogger Award…Again!


I got awarded the Sunshine Blogger Award a second time! This time by Boards and Crafts, so I will be answering her questions this time.

What tabletop game would you like to see be turned into a movie?

There is a game I have called Histrio, which is the kind of game that has an actual story that could be turned into a movie. Probably a kid’s movie though, as it is about animals doing theatre.

What is your favorite style of storytelling? (Ex. Movies, books, tv series, board game, etc, etc.)

Books. It’s the only one I can think of where I am fully invested in the story.

Who is your favorite artist? (Bonus points if they’ve worked on a board game!)

This one is hard. I’m a fan of the photographer Ansel Adams. I also love the work Syd Weiler does.

What is your dream cosplay to see/do inspired by a tabletop game?

I want to see some extravagant Clue characters. Dressed to the nines looking fabulous and sinister.

What is your favorite thing to do to help you have positive vibes?

Listen to music. Good music is one of the few things that can change my mood.

What is your favorite class and race combo? (Ex. An Elven Ranger)

I honestly don’t know as I have never done any RPG/ D&D with that stuff.

What game is your current favorite?

Armello as always.

What tabletop game has influenced you creatively?

I’d say Scattegories, as it encourages creative thinking as well as fast thinking.

If you could only play one tabletop game for the rest of the year, which would it be?

Uno. My whole family will play it and it is still fun and we don’t take it super seriously.

Who is your favorite character that inspires you?

I love Mulan so much. She is a strong, smart, incredibly woman whose loyalty lies in her family and being true to herself.

And that’s this Sunshine Blogger Award! I nominate you, the person who is reading this! You can find my questions over on my first award post, which is here.

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