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Favorite Fictional Siblings


Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, so I wanted to do a post to celebrate our siblinghood since he is my one and only brother. So why not celebrate some great siblings throughout fandoms. This list was curated with his help, so double the sibling power, and one big nostalgia trip.

Daria and Quinn from Daria

So Daria is my favorite TV show, and also my brother’s favorite TV show. We quote this show constantly. So we have to choose the titular character Daria and her sister Quinn. They may be opposites, but both sisters grow a lot during this show which makes them great siblings and individual characters.

Nani and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch

I wrote about how Nani is an underrated character, and the relationship her and Lilo have is so different from what we usually see out of siblings. When a sibling becomes a guardian, it is a whole different relationship.

The Weasley’s from Harry Potter

I wish I could have found a photo of all seven siblings, but the youngest four was all I could find. The Weasely’s are probably the most well-known siblings in fiction. They are all so diverse and different and complex and individual, despite their notable red hair. Although having seven siblings would be a lot, I would like to be in the Weasley family.

The Belcher Siblings from Bob’s Burgers 

Oh the Belchers. This ragtag group of siblings is nothing but laughs, as they are ridiculous kids. Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite shows, and the siblings are probably my favorite characters. And Linda, but this is a post about favorite siblings.

Olga and Helga from Hey Arnold

Olga and Helga are the quintessential older versus younger sibling relationship. As a younger sibling, you are found in the shadow of your older sibling, especially when your older sibling is as perfect as Olga. At the end of it all though, they do love each other like sisters should.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot from Animaniacs

My brother always said I was the Dot of our sibling-hood, and he was the Yakko. We grew up watching the Animaniacs, so it’s fitting to share them in this post.

Clarissa and Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All

Speaking of stereotypical siblings hating each other, Clarissa and Ferguson from Clarissa Explains It All. They were the antithesis of each other, which made it comedic gold when you were a kid watching this show. Another nod back to mine and my brother’s childhood.

Kim, Jim, and Tim from Kim Possible

Kim Possible was easily my favorite show from my childhood so I couldn’t leave her and her dweebs off this list. Their relationship is the best representation of the older sister dealing with younger brothers. Thankfully that is not the sibling setup I have.

Eliza, Debbie, and Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys

In case a wild adventure through the jungle and mountains and around the world wasn’t enough, let’s add siblings to it right? The entirety of this show was a never-ending adventure, including simple interactions with the siblings Eliza, Debbie, and Donnie.

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Who are your favorite fictional siblings? Let me know in the comments below.

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