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Favorite Fictional Animal Companions


We all need our own animal companions, or pets as we say, so I wanted to give some love to some fictional pets and animals that are an important part of these characters stories.

Rapunzel and Pascal

I don’t talk enough about my enjoyment of Tangled as a Disney film. And one of my favorite things about this movie is Rapunzel’s sassy companion Pascal. If you want a sarcastic chameleon on your side, then Pascal is for you.

Harry and Hedwig

I could not make this list without Hedwig being on it. Hedwig is easily my favorite animal in the Harry Potter series, because of how loyal of a companion she is to Harry through it all. She even goes to fight the dark lord to save him! Best snowy owl no question.

Arnold and Abner

If you wanted an odd couple, the 90’s and early 2000’s have you covered. And although pet pigs are not the strangest thing ever, Abner and Arnold’s unique relationship makes them an odd couple to remember. They’ve been through war re-enactments, to runaway pets, and so much more.

Ron and Rufus

Again with the odd couples, here are Ron and Rufus. I can’t ignore these two because they are pretty iconic. I mean Ron wrote a whole rap song about Rufus so they are definitely a very iconic pair.

Mulan, Mushu, and Crickey

If I can bring up Mulan I will, cause it’s my favorite movie probably ever. And when you have a lucky cricket and a dragon as your companions, what’s not to love? And of course, to round up her squad includes her horse Khan. Now that is a great group of animal companions.

I wrote this post as a loving reminder that our pets are the best companions and should get so much love. My cat Moofy passed away this week, and I will never forget how she was the perfect companion to me.

Which fictional animal companions are your favorite? Share them with me in the comments below.

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