First Look: Hogwarts Mystery

Finally! I’ve been waiting for the first game to come from Portkey Games to finally release and here it is: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. After playing the first few chapters, I wanted to give my initial thoughts on this highly anticipated mobile game.


It all starts off in Diagon Alley, where you have to purchase your supplies to go to your first year at Hogwarts! It’s real, we finally got our letters! You get your school books, meet a fellow first year, and of course get your wand in a magical moment in Ollivanders.


Of course, when you get to Hogwarts as a first year, you need to be sorted. You’re given an option to “give your opinion” of what house you want, which is essentially just getting to pick what house you’re in and not a true sorting. I chose Ravenclaw, of course.


What I found most interesting is that this game isn’t just about running around Hogwarts and learning magic, but it has a story. There are secrets to learn about, parts of your past you need to figure out, and relationships to foster among your classmates. You have an enemy waiting, and your choices define who you are as a person. This already intrigues me greatly.


The timeline of where this takes place is before Harry ever gets a letter himself, and actually right after that fateful night where Harry as a baby defeats Voldemort. This means there are certain characters you can expect to see as students during this era.


The graphics of the game are beautiful and it runs super well. There are some loading moments that can take a minute, and the game does recommend you play on wifi which I wasn’t doing when I started. And although this game includes my least favorite part of mobile games (having to either pay money to restore resources like energy or having to wait for them to refill based on time) the story is what makes me want to keep playing. And hopefully, I won’t spend too much money on gems in order to keep playing in certain moments.

Have you started playing Hogwarts Mystery? What do you think so far?

8 thoughts on “First Look: Hogwarts Mystery

  1. I’ve really enjoyed it so far! I love the backstories and I’m excited to get to year two and beyond where characters like Charlie and Tonks show up. I want someone to do a round-up of what all the common rooms look like as that’s been one of the neatest parts – seeing the ones that aren’t Gryffindor all illustrated.

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  2. I haven’t played it yet, but I keep seeing people post about it! I don’t play a lot of mobile games. For a mobile game beginner, do you think this is a good one to start with? I love HP!


  3. I’m a fan so far. The story and mystery hints make int interesting to keep playing–so I’m going to keep it on for now. I’m just keeping myself to a promise not to spend money (because then I will totally get sucked in).


  4. I’m not a big fan of this game, I hate waiting for the energy, and there’s nothing to. I’m already in 2nd grade, I thought it’ll getting more interesting, but no 😥


  5. I started playing as soon as it came out. And I too chose Ravenclaw house. I agree though, the story overall is what’s keeping me playing right now. I’m interested to see where it goes and I don’t mind that it’s been slow moving because that gives me time to do other things. While it’s annoying to have to wait for energy, I do other things while I’m waiting for it and make sure I don’t start a class if I know I can’t finish it. But I’m overall enjoying it so far.


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