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This or That: Board Games Edition


I am starting a new series! In This or That, I will be given two options that I have to pick between and explain. And to start this all off, I had to go to my favorite subject on this blog: board games.

Dice or Cards

Cards, although I have no real preference because having both together can make for a very good game. But I lean towards cards because I prefer card games over dice-only games.

Light Weight versus Heavy Weight

If you don’t know, games have a weight. Not literally, but the weight is defined by how difficult to learn and play the game. My preference is easily lightweight games! If I can pull it out and start playing in less than 5 minutes, and it game doesn’t go past 1 hour play time I am happy.

Legacy or Not

Legacy games are like series and have no replay value, so you have to move on in the series. Pandemic Legacy is a legacy version, while regular Pandemic is the opposite. I am not a fan of legacy games. I want to be able to replay my games, and replayability is a huge factor in my reviews and what I enjoy playing. So not a legacy person.

Kickstarter or Retail

Ooooh this one is hard. But I think I’d have to go retail, as I very rarely back games on Kickstarter so I don’t hurt my wallet. With retail it’s an upfront purchase, while Kickstarter you have to wait for the campaign to end. But I do love a good Kickstarter.


Versus or Co-Op

Versus. I have played a few co-op games, but since I play 2-player so often, playing versus can be more fun since we are competing against each other instead of both of us against the game.

What would your answers be? Let me know with a comment below.


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Hmm, I guess I am ok with either dice or cards but I do like how Cards can remove randomness. I like heavy, in depth games, as I like getting my teeth into something, building a strategy and then watching to see if it works. I have bought more on KS lately as it tends to be a good deal if you can be patient, though I have been burned once (Super Dungeon Legends…). I’m not keen on Legacy, though that being said I do have Gloomhaven which is THE legacy game to get your teeth into (I am less concerned about it as apparently there is about 90+ hours play in one campaign). I prefer coop, as I find some people are a bit too competitive and it becomes irritating when you learn that bad winners are worse than sore losers.

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