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Monster Prom Review


You know the stress of trying to find the perfect prom date? As if high school wasn’t hard enough for us humans, imagine trying to find a date at Spooky High School for the Monster Prom. Well, that is exactly what you are trying to do in Monster Prom, and it’s a pretty wacky adventure.

In Monster Prom, you play as a less popular monster who is trying to date one of the most popular monsters in school. You’ll choose between different locations and have to complete different scenarios. You have stats that you increase in different locations and scenarios, but failing a scenario will hurt your stats and your chances at the perfect prom date.

This game has an insane number of outcomes and scenarios that are possible depending on how you play. There are also numerous endings, including secret endings. The possibilities are abundant in this game which makes it super replayable in order to see all of the possible endings. The game also can be played in local and online multiplayer as well as solo. So you can compete for dates with 3 of your friends or strangers online.

You won’t just meet the popular monsters, but numerous side characters that can help you out along the way as well. From the gym teacher to the coven to the interdimensional prince, there are a lot of twists and surprises along the way.

This game is not kid friendly, at all. It is very adult-oriented, so if that is something you are wary of be aware. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and since there is a short game mode I can play games quickly if I just want a little bit of gaming. I have yet to play multiplayer games, but I look forward to doing so for a different play experience. I was very excited to get this game when it released and it did not disappoint, so if you enjoy wacky dating simulators, or want to try our a dating sim for the first time like me, Monster Prom is a good choice.

Monster Prom is available on Steam for $11.99.

Do you have a simulation game you enjoy? Let me know with a comment what game that is!

Edit 5/9/2018: As asked in a comment below, the game is not sexuality specific. It is not purely heterosexual matching and never makes you choose based on a character’s gender.

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