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Favorite Fictional Mothers


To celebrate Mother’s Day, I wanted to look back at some of my favorite mothers from fiction.

Helen Morgendorffer

Helen is the mother of Daria and Quinn from Daria. She’s a hard-working lawyer and mom trying to balance it all. She is one of my favorite moms because not only is she a hard-working lawyer, but she also cares a lot about her family and we see her struggle to balance the two.

Ann Possible

Mom of Kim, Dr. Ann Possible is one of my favorite childhood show parents. Not only is she a brain surgeon, but somehow still totally okay with her daughter going to save the world on school nights and still treat her like most parents treat their teenage daughter.

Moana’s Mother

Although we don’t see much of her, Sina and Moana has one of my favorite moments in the whole film that made me tear up. When Moana decides she needs to go out on her own journey to save her island, her mom finds her packing stuff to leave… and helps her. Such a small yet so incredibly powerful moment.

Mulan’s Mother

I have to include Mulan when I get the chance as it is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Mulan’s mom just wants what is best for her, although she couldn’t imagine it was pretending to be male and joining the army.

Molly Weasley

Of course, Molly is on this list it would be a great oversight on my part to leave her off. Molly has that natural maternal instinct and she treats her family and her family’s friends like family. She knits Harry his own Christmas sweater, she looks out for him, she protects her family from even the evilest witches and wizards around. Molly wins Mother of the Year every year in my book.

What fictional mothers are your favorite? Share with a comment.


One reply on “Favorite Fictional Mothers”

This is the perfect list!! As a mom myself I’ve uttered “what would Molly do” at least once a week since my daughter started walking lol. I’m so thrilled to see Ann Possible on the list too!!

My favorite fictional Mom is definitely Molly for all the reasons you stated. She’s the most loving bad ass woman I’ve seen. ❤️

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