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24 Geeky Facts About Me


My birthday is this week! So to celebrate my 24 years of life, I wanted to share 24 geeky facts about me.

      1. Harry Potter was my first fandom
      2. I have never seen any Star Wars movie in full
      3. My favorite Disney movie of all time is Mulan
      4. The first video game I played was Mario Kart on the N64
      5. I am a band geek
      6. I am an avid viewer of Twitch
      7. I collected Disney pins when I was a kid
      8. My first con was Twitch Con, which I will be at this year too
      9. I have a collection of Harry Potter trading cards
      10. I’ve been playing board games since a very young age
      11. I didn’t start actively playing video games until recently
      12. My Patronus is a black swan
      13. My Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw, and Ilvermorny House is Thunderbird
      14. I’m also a big Broadway nerd
      15. I’m related to a published author
      16. I watch other’s play video games more than I play them myself
      17. I have a custom Funko Pop figure of Hamilton from the Broadway musical
      18. I like to dive into Disneyland’s history and secrets
      19. My ringtone is the Kimmunicator sound from Kim Possible
      20. My car is named Lilo, named because it came from Hawaii and feels like a Disneyland ride.
      21. I volunteered for a Harry Potter events at my local library as a kid
      22. I’ve used my geeky interests in my academics often
      23. I admin a group of geeky bloggers called Geek Blogs Unite
      24. This blog turns 3 this year!

    Who knew I could actually think of 24 geeky facts about myself? Not me, but I got there. Cheers to 24!

    What are some fun geeky facts about yourself? Let me know with a comment.

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