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Underrated: Edna Mode


Edna Mode is easily one of the best characters in The Incredibles films, and with the sequel releasing today I wanted to give some love to the feisty fashion designer to all of superhero kind.

No one can deny how utterly fabulous Edna Mode is. She is smart, stylish, and just enough crazy to create some great work and a fabulous motivational speaker when prompted. Her suits are so finely crafted that they can withstand some of the most intense super scenarios.

Edna is essentially the opposite of the chaos inflicted industry she specializes in with superheroes. She is suave and very logic-minded, with just enough crazy to keep up. She is the one you go to when you want advice with a side of fashion.

Now with the second film officially out, it will be great to see what part Edna plays in this incredible story. Who needs superpowers when you can have super fashion sense, right?

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